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Name:cinderfallen fragilistikal
I'm pan-fandom and read where the epic romance leads me. Currently, this is mainly bandom Merlin, which is sparkly and full of hearts; manga (Koori no Mamono Monogatari/Ice-Cold Demon's Tale by Shiho Sugiura, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Skip Beat, other such emoporn love); tv shows (Dexter, Dirt, House, etc., I read a lot for different shows but don't necessarily watch); and uh, whatever else you can dangle in front of me that feature at-heart complicated, morally good/ambiguous/AWESOME characters.

LJ is my therapy a lot of the time, so FYI, not all mostly not fandom stuff as I somehow forget to write about what I'm watching/reading.

But I'm also into perfume and online etailers that specialize in bath/body products, makeup, and did I mention perfume? Shopping lists will be posted. Uh, go BPAL? But CB I Hate Perfume has my heart. <3

So friend at will, hit me up, let's chat. I have no internet friends, only real ones, which is awkward and sad. :(

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