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Here's your daily protest

There's nothing better than a good googlebomb: Amazon rank

Honestly, I would be able to hate Amazon a lot more if I didn't know they offer 5 lb bags of Haribo gummi bears for a very, very, very reasonable price. They're kind of what gets me through the winters.

Meanwhile, studying in the college psych observation/research room (cameras, curtained one way mirror and all) really never gets old. Especially since I know that in the mirror room, there is a tiny reproduction of this room with leetle teeny furniture and fake potted plants, etc. for use in fooling the leetle childrens. I also "liberated" the Perrier and leftoever grape juice (literally: grape juice) from some abandoned soiree that took place sometime in Comp Sci. It's kind of a surreal life.

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"i would be mad at their unethical business practices, but, eh, fuck it. capitalism owns."