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( Apr. 17th, 2009 08:18 pm)
Apparently, the Muslim Prayer Room is the hotspot for great naps on campus. I will for sure check this out the next time I need some high-quality shut-eye. :D
There's nothing better than a good googlebomb: Amazon rank

Honestly, I would be able to hate Amazon a lot more if I didn't know they offer 5 lb bags of Haribo gummi bears for a very, very, very reasonable price. They're kind of what gets me through the winters.

Meanwhile, studying in the college psych observation/research room (cameras, curtained one way mirror and all) really never gets old. Especially since I know that in the mirror room, there is a tiny reproduction of this room with leetle teeny furniture and fake potted plants, etc. for use in fooling the leetle childrens. I also "liberated" the Perrier and leftoever grape juice (literally: grape juice) from some abandoned soiree that took place sometime in Comp Sci. It's kind of a surreal life.
...okay, WTF.

I wrote about eyeliner the other day, and I did not expect it to repulse me so much. EYELINER. *madface*

K-Palette's liner was rebranded for Canada as Geisha Ink, which I found to be a pretty crass decision, but okay, it's not like I have to buy it:

But I was browsing some Google hits and found this article with accompanying official press release, which the writer marvels at: "And how often does a beauty product have an entire story behind it?"

And what's the story, you ask?

At a very young age, Katsumi was sent to apprentice to be a Geisha to the city famous for its Geisha arts, Kyoto. As a young girl, Katsumi would often hide and listens to the conversations between the older Geishas and the businessmen they entertained. Nothing fascinated Katsumi more than the stories these older Geishas shared of the western world. In her mind, she yearned for the day when she would be free to experience it herself.

The combination of the art and this charming "backstory".... Just. Okay. WOW.


Seriously. KILL.
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( Apr. 6th, 2009 04:18 am)
I think one of the most exquisite taste in the whole wide world is sweet coffee. I still remember how that taste hit my mouth when I tried coffee ice cream for the first time--like, I was probably around 6? And when Starbucks frappaccinos first came out--oh, God. Liquid coffee ice cream. Yes, it has been a long and true love affair.

My friend taught me how to make cold coffee one summer with just instant, and now, I will never crave premium candy bar coffee again. I'm drinking it now because I can add more coffee to a cup, and I need the caffeine to stay up tonight. Airport countdown t-minus 2.5 hours and I still need to pack.

instant cold coffee:
Add desired amount of instant coffee + sugar--probably 1.5x more than you'd put in regularly. (It's better to add too much coffee in the beginning than too little because you can add more milk/sugar later; weak coffee, on the other hand, should be taken out the back and shot.) Heat water. The trick is to heat it not to boiling, but just enough to dissolve the mixture. Add a very small amount of the hot water so you make a coffee sludge that would scare the bejeezus out of anyone in the vicinity. Keyword: sludge. If it's any more liquid than that, then you've added too much water. Top up with milk. It'll be cold enough to drink it straight if you got it right.

This NY Times restaurant review had me extremely amused. It's a review of a Korean restaurant, and filled with reverent words to signify just how different, original, and exotic the food is. Passages like, "a sprinkle of al dente yellow soy beans finished with a soy-sugar-glaze; a tender tangle of wilted watercress or spinach." It's cuisine.

...HAHAHAHAHA *wipes tears* That's all peasant food, dude. Every last thing on the menu. Really tasty, really good for you, but yeah.

It reads like a tourist travel writer thinking they were invited to the king's palace for lunch, but really wound up at the local Denny's. (Though peasant food did find its roots from royal cuisine: after feast days in the royal palace, leftover food would be distributed to the villages, where commoners could taste what was eaten in the palace--and copy it in day to day life.

You can actually get royal meals in Korea, that is, traditional meals that would have been offered to the king, with the accompanying price tag. They're pretty fancy in an understated, elegant way. I think that Americans would like the traditional food better than I did, actually, because from what I remember, there was a lot of meat, and not enough spice. (Ahm. Spiiiicy.)

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( Mar. 21st, 2009 10:52 am)
Uh. huh.

So I just figured out I have psoriasis. On my elbow. (Right.) But nowhere else.
Who wants to try perfume?

I like the online perfume oil companies like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Love Potions Perfumerie, Cobalt Blends, etc., and I have a lot of samples. If anyone's interested in trying stuff, tell me what you want to smell like (floral? foody-dessert? girl next door? vampy sexy? like a gardener?) and I'll see what I have. I'll take the first couple people/what I can accomodate.

Why I like perfume: You know those people into wine or coffee and they describe "blackberry" notes or some such and such? I realized I could do the same thing with perfume, which always just smelled like...perfume. It's an interactive, ongoing process, because scent preferences change and evolve, and so do you, yourself: hormones, age, diet, etc., all have an effect on skin chemistry and how the perfume blooms on your skin. It's also fun to guinea pig your friends and compare the same scent on two people. Sometimes, it's pretty amazing how different the same notes will manifest on different people.

Boutique perfumeries like BPAL are also fun because they're also unconventional and do "concept" perfumes a lot, from the Seven Deadly Sins to Alice in Wonderland to...going on into infinity (and they're coming out with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett-inspired stuff, officially approved, even)--and so it's also like a scent story that reveals itself on my skin.

Bonus: I like smelling stuff. I used to live in fear of Bath and Body Works sales.

I woke up with hives this morning, and finally deduced it was not my new detergent/lotion/bedding, but probably Tylenol Cold. And the box warns to IMMEDIATELY contact medical service if I had the reaction (plus my lips are kind of tingly) but I honestly don't understandy why when all the health center did was give me Benedryl and antibiotics for my (bonus!) ear infection.

I wish I'd come to this conclusion and just taken some damn Benedryl I already had before loading all my bedding into the washing machine and then coming up short to transfer them to the dryer. =/

Thanks, life.

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( Mar. 1st, 2009 08:04 pm)
Hello friendslist: I have a request of you. Do you have any favorite poetry? Poets? That you like because the words are interesting, beautiful, compelling, or--you just like them for some reason? Please give me them. =) My eyes tend to glaze over at the older stuff and modern/contemporary is my favorite, but whatever!

I'm in a poetry class, and it's an advanced workshop, and it's kind of ridiculous because I never read poetry except when it's required of me. I'd love to be more exposed to different styles, funky fun styles, great awesome amazing styles, and I love my f-list's sense of style. I always trust your recs!

Here's one for you by Frank O'Hara. It's awesome because it sounds like an entry out of OH NO THEY DIDN'T--actually, no, the comments for ONTD.


Lana Turner has collapsed!
I was trotting along and suddenly
it started raining and snowing
and you said it was hailing
but hailing hits you on the head
hard so it was really snowing and
raining and I was in such a hurry
to meet you but the traffic
was acting exactly like the sky
and suddenly I see a headline
there is no snow in Hollywood
there is no rain in California
I have been to lots of parties
and acted perfectly disgraceful
but I never actually collapsed
oh Lana Turner we love you get up
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 08:40 pm)

Just. Just. This picture. The second one, of Gerard and Lyn-Z and FRANCES BEAN aka Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's rock star daughter, the one some huge gazillionaire designer mover and shaker was considering making his new It girl. ALL IN MEDIEVAL TIMES CARDBOARD CROWNS CHEESING IT UP FOR THE CAMERA.

Just. Just. WHAT. <3333333

You hear about Courtney's cracked out antics and the rehab and the shenanigans, and you know Lindsay Lohan's going through the same thing, and so you think, hm. Jaded, cynical teen that represents pop culture history will go down more or less the same path in a sad attempt to be cool. But no. She found GERARD WAY in a vulnerable time in her life and ended up losing heroin chic star status FOREVER.

She's totally gonna keep that cardboard crown, I can tell.
I like smelly things and painting bright colors on my face, but do you know what else I REALLY love? Pens.

Maybe it comes from being Asian and being judged of worth by your handwriting (trufax), but there's really nothing like an amazingly smooth, fine-tipped pen. (Fine-tipped because have ever tried getting down the multiple strokes of Korean or Chinese characters with a 1.0 mm line??)

I fell in love with a pen line that was frustratingly hard to get out of Asia, but behold JetPens! After 8 years of search, I have found you! Seriously, I know there are Asian-philes out there, but you will never understand the heart of an Asian girl until you understand stationary geekery. And Jetpens is like. my wet dream.

I'm so glad I don't have to ransack every Art Box and Morning Glory in search of my beloved Uni-ball Signo DX (in .38 mm. It HAS to be .38 mm). I will never, ever part from you again.

(Oh, and if you're a writer and you use lead/mechanical pencils. Get a drafting pencil. Now.)

A: I love you, but I feel like you expect too much of us, like your standard for me is impossibly high.
B: But my standards of you are that high because that's just how much I love you. And I only expect of you what I expect of myself.
A: ...Wait, so when you said you wanted to be friends again and that you've accepted who I am.... Does that you mean you love me less?
B: Yes.

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( Jan. 30th, 2009 03:09 pm)
I'm pretty sure I'm clinically depressed. =/
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( Jan. 24th, 2009 07:18 pm)

With everything that's going on, does anyone else get the feeling that Real Life is turning into...not-real life? Fanfic? Or maybe that's because the sane people are starting to run the world now. But seriously now, first bandom and now...the presidency? For real?

From the NEW YORK TIMES, you guys:
At a White House gathering with Mr. Obama and a bipartisan team of lawmakers on Friday, the House majority leader, Steny Hoyer, joked that Mr. Emanuel was too busy to talk to him, so he called the president instead. Mr. Obama said he was always happy to take calls for his chief of staff — a reference to an incident a few weeks ago when Mr. Hoyer called Mr. Emanuel, who was in the back of a car and claimed he was too busy to talk, so he handed the phone to Mr. Obama.

In meetings, it is not uncommon for Mr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel to engage in teasing banter. One White House official recalls an exchange last week in which Mr. Obama said something to the effect of, “Well, I was going to do that, but I didn’t want Rahm to mope for a half-hour.”

I'm reading a Newsweek article that hurts my brain because I kept wondering if I was reading some kind of parody...or RPS. (RPF? Gen?) So, you've got Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway and some other Oscar-nominees at a roundtable.... (Robert Downey Jr. is crazy cracked-out and AWESOME. And WTF with his segue?)

Hathaway: OK, I have a confession. I lied before when you asked if I Googled myself. I do. I embarrassed by it because I know how terrible it is.

Downey: Wait a minute, should I feel s----y that I Google myself?

Hathaway: You should feel s----y about other things, Robert.


Pitt: I feel for the people who are just getting into the business. It sets the wrong focus.

Downey: I got a story for you. I go to Japan. "Iron Man" is opening there. I'm like, dude, this is my walk of fame. I go there and they go, [he mimics a Japanese accent] "Small problem with your passport, it links up to some incredible criminal activity." I'm like yeah, yeah, yeah. "You did not make claim of said activity." I was like, "I got tired." "We would like to interrogate you." I was like, "Interrogate? Fine, great." Six hours later, I'm sitting there in the Japanese interrogation suite. A lady comes out, "So were you in jail or prison?" I go, "Both." "How long?" "Sixteen months." "Do you know the name of the first infraction you had in 1995?" I was like, "It's hard for me to remember because I've been arrested so many times." "We cannot let you enter our country." They decided later that I can come in to do the press, "But I must please never come to Japan again." So I'll wrap this up quickly. We go to the Iron Chef restaurant. They give me the finest Kobe beef, and I am doubled over for yoo-hoo status for the next two days.

Langella: I don't know what that means.

Downey: I ate a piece of beef that was super-expensive, I got a parasite, and I was yoo-hoo. I was Brown Betty for two days.

Langella: See, he has his own language.

Downey: Then what happens, a Japanese robot shows up on the red carpet. He carries in a 500-pound barrel of sake. I'm going like, I kind of have plans for Christmas, you should keep that away from me. They wanted me to smash the sake cast open with the robotic Iron Man.

Pitt: There's some wacky humor going on over there. Japan, those toilets, all automated. They fumigate, they spray, they massage.

Hathaway: They compliment!
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( Jan. 18th, 2009 02:57 pm)
So. I'm totally and completely in BPAL perfume fandom, right? And I also happen to follow Supernatural because surprisingly, it turned out to be a good show despite my uber-cynicalness in the days proceeding my Smallville burnout. (I only watched for the Hoyay.) But this person's icon really entertains me:


Because the notes for the scent (which really is called Hellhound On My Trail) are so perfect:
Bay rum, bourbon vanilla, galangal, hyssop, High John the Conqueror root, tobacco, life everlasting, and brimstone.

Booze and brimstone, baby. And some of Sam's Latin mumbo jumbo spell components. Fangirls can burn this scent whenever we watch Dean cry his pretty man-tears.

(Reviews for the scent here.)
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( Jan. 10th, 2009 04:28 pm)
Heads up for anyone who's looking to get makeup brushes: Lumiere is holding their annual-ish pre-buy sale, which is an awfully generous offer on their part: they buy wholesale, and you get to buy along with them for the wholesale price. My favorite brush is the Flat Top Buffer, which is amazing for mineral makeup foundation. The Fiber Optic brush is also fab for things like blush or (what I primarily use it for) Aromaleigh's Metamorphasis powder. The quality's very good, so the brushes are pretty much a steal. I recommend.

(Just note that you won't get your brushes for a few months, as I think they're made to order?)

The Antique Bakery movie looks adorable but I love their making-of video! Have the rough translation! )

I just finished watching the first two episodes of Boys Over Flowers, or 꽃보다 남자, the Kdrama for Hana Yori Dango and it's not bad. It's not up to the quality of Coffee Prince, and the acting isn't as subtle and sophisticated; it's kind of campy in parts, and there are definitely some cheesy shots, but overall I do like it, and better than the Jdrama. I feel like the characters interact with each other and the world they inhabit in a more natural way, for one. Less stiff overall and a lot more passion.

The casting is better, too, especially for Tsukushi. She and her family kind of remind me of barking Chihuahas or other small species of dog, but the tenacious, spitfire fierceness and middle class values are there. Oh, for sure, definitely there. And when Makino knocks Domyouji out, she KNOCKS HIM OUT--nothing like the wimpy one-two hop and punch the Jdrama featured. I also like that she's really not that pretty. She's cute, sure, but there is a definite plainess of face compared to everyone else in the show--especially Shizuka.

Hanazawa Rui is also quite good--even if his hair is quite unfortunate, especially in some shots. (Seriously, bleach and big hair and small face is no good. NO GOOD.) I knew the actor pretty much IS Hanazawa Rui in real life, so it didn't really worry me. (Watch We Got Married!: HwangBo on Youtube if you're curious. *snerk*)

The casting for Domyouji is interesting. They made him into a very big, physical character, with the features to match, which in a way fits the character quite well. It took me a little while to get used to and tentatively accept, but it was pretty genius of the production company to take advantage of his size and have shots of him punting people across the field when he plays rugby--spot-on. But they also toned down his sociopathic tendencies, which--I gotta be honest, I really miss. He's no longer on the brink of losing his shit into a white-out haze, which is why I really came to respect Makino for standing up to him. He's no longer a vicious dog tamed, but a couple steps up: more emotionally immature kid from the start. And he is another example of unfortunate hair: permed. :( Sad 70s helmet hair. 

Also, Shizuka is GORGEOUS. Also, Makino's name in the Korean version directly translates to Gold Grass/Lawn. It's a really not-cool name and I feel for her. Also, I have no idea what the Korean names for characters are. Oh well, it's not like it matters.
Heads up for anyone into girly-girl makeup: my favorite beauty item EVER. The entire store is on sale for 25% off, so I figured I'd gush. (Code: friday25)

This grayish-green powder stuff with the stupid name is amazing. Okay, so its full name is You're a Doll! Finishing Powder in Metamorphosis. ...yeah. It has a stupid product description and it seems like fairly useless glitter/sparkle powder for tween princesses. Except it's not. It's like...photoshop in a jar. Or something.

Mhmm, airbrush. )