I wrote for Her Majesty's Dog, A Dog Dreams on Kirkegaard Hill. My recipient asked for something sweet, and I tried--although I'm more than fairly sheepish at my attempt, as I was (and am) still trying to finish final papers that aren't coming. I had to scramble very last minute to cobble together a much more involved story I jotted down in my notes than I had time to produce. I'm relieved she did like it, though.

I got Black Moon in the Afternoon Sky, an amazing story by Melymbrosia set in the manga After School Nightmare. If you read my half-coherent comment on the story, it manages to contain every single thing I absolutely LOVE about the manga.


After School Nightmare: Some background and pictures. )

Just. Guh. To recap and summarize: The gender politics--genderfuckery, people--the respect the story pays to the plot and to its characters, the intelligence quotient of the entire piece, and the HOTNESS. There is a scene later in the series that I found hotter, more intimate than entire PWPs, and it's one kiss. The mangaka is amazing. She conveys so much with so little, and with such talent; a lot of times, the things that go unsaid between the characters are almost palpable. My breath fucking caught.

I can't do any sort of justice to the manga here, which is filled with nuance and detail, so I offer the first volume for download for you to check out: After School Nightmare vol 1
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( Oct. 18th, 2007 10:32 pm)
My yuletide letter will go here once I have had more than 10 hours of sleep in the last 6 days. I am willing to settle for 16.

(Please? ...mommy?)


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