Oh. Looks like I missed New Years. :shrug:

My resolutions are:

1. Now that I've fully succumbed to bandom and accepted my shame for it, I will freely post of sparkly unicorns and randomass celebrities I look up on Youtube when the urge hits.
2. My sparkly to life-sucks blogging ratio will be highly skewed to the former as I will SHAPE UP and be less of a loser at her chosen profession. Less of a loser = less guilt = happier posts. Equal signs are easy math.
3. I will post my awful attempts at fanfiction despite the fact that they are NOT PERFECT. Yes f-list, you will have the jumpstart option to de-friend me to avoid lots of bandom references and wordswordswords.
4. Which leads me to: I WILL STOP BEING SUCH A FUCKING PERFECTIONIST. No, seriously. This would improve my life and the lives of everyone around me so tremendously.

I have two story ideas in the works--okay, three: one manga, two bandom: the Koori crackbaby fic which has been in the works forever, and two Pete/Patrick stories which have taken over my brain.
Pete/Patrick 1: Fiona Apple's I Know, iTunes Originals version
Awesome song. A little vulnerable, a little resigned, a little bitter; wise and naive at the same time; but through it all, a rare kind of understanding for someone you love and have loved for a long, long time.

And when the crowd becomes your burden/And you've early closed your curtain/I'll wait by the backstage door )

Pete/Patrick 2: Pete goes to therapy for his imaginary friends. Dark creations. BOOTCAMP. Oh man, I'm so excited for this one.

And also, I might have committed fanfic for my fiction workshop class. But. Okay, so they're brothers, right? THERE IS NO BETTER YOUNGER BROTHER NAME THAN MIKEY AND NO BETTER OLDER BROTHER NAME THAN GERARD.


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