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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 08:40 pm)

Just. Just. This picture. The second one, of Gerard and Lyn-Z and FRANCES BEAN aka Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's rock star daughter, the one some huge gazillionaire designer mover and shaker was considering making his new It girl. ALL IN MEDIEVAL TIMES CARDBOARD CROWNS CHEESING IT UP FOR THE CAMERA.

Just. Just. WHAT. <3333333

You hear about Courtney's cracked out antics and the rehab and the shenanigans, and you know Lindsay Lohan's going through the same thing, and so you think, hm. Jaded, cynical teen that represents pop culture history will go down more or less the same path in a sad attempt to be cool. But no. She found GERARD WAY in a vulnerable time in her life and ended up losing heroin chic star status FOREVER.

She's totally gonna keep that cardboard crown, I can tell.
[Impending fatherhood] may also explain why the limelight-ready rocker is happy to lay back and let his front man, Patrick Stump bask in the sonic spotlight. "On Infinity, we realized that Patrick's voice was something people loved, so we cleared a lot of space for his voice," Wentz says.

I find this interesting because I seem to remember an interview where Patrick says the complete opposite--that he got sick of the songs being all about him, him, him in Infinity and the new would hopefully feature a fully integrated sound. 

Liza Minelli gets the cool points because she's so cracked out, but forget her: I think Gerard got all of his diva sparkle cupcake from one Ms. Eartha Kitt. She widens her eyes so she can emote more! Crazy hands! She wants to be evil! And Gerard knows he can sing like "the guy who cry-ies-ies-ies." <33

Also, she's going strong at 82, doing songs and musicals and animated voiceovers for her adoring public. Workaholics unite, Gerard. (And take hope! When you retire, maybe you can be in musicals, too!) Also, just. HAHA, the description for the musical she was in--Mimi le Duck, oh man--when the interview was taped is: "Takes place in Paris and her character plays an ex-singer turned boarding house manager helping a Mormon woman find happiness and freedom." And the song starts off, "When I was a young girl..." (/ "the world was my oyster...") How is Eartha Kitt not already in bandom somehow??

Makes me kind of want a 50s AU with sock hops and diner waitressing.... Gerard, the most adorable, apple-cheeked girl guy in school wants to change his image! He knows he can be the best black-draped occult leader he is in his dark, dark heart! 
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( May. 29th, 2008 11:30 pm)

Someone on my flist linked to this game, Monsters' Den, so I went to check it out...and this happened:

It was like THE BEST CRACK EVER. )

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( Feb. 21st, 2008 12:53 am)
Mikeyway, ladies and gentlemen:

I: I would think at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere you'd be especially noticeable. Do you ever worry you'll be mistaken for real band kids and get picked on by high school jocks?

MW: I get mistaken sometimes for someone who looks like they want to be in my band. That's the funniest thing. Like, "You look like someone who wants to be in one of those bands." It happened to me once, I was visiting a friend of mine who worked in a mall, and this guy in the store went back to tell him, "Someone else is here to see you. He looks like he jumped out of a My Chemical Romance video." I'm like, "I'm IN My f---ing Chemical Romance!" And he was like, "Oh, sh-t, I'm so sorry." I'm like, I don't even care if you like my band. It's the last thing on my mind.

<333 How much love for this stupid bunch of random boys. They have the best stories. From buzznet. I love new-to-me info.
Threadless just started their Holiday $10 shirt sale, and when I went to check it out, I found EMO CARE BEAR PETE WENTZ:

Clicking on the picture will go to the product page; please to be checking out the awesomelicious model pictures of faux bandom dorks.
Threadless Holdiday Sale. Referral link. Search for Emo Bear. *squish*

And. Just. I just. HILARITY. This makes my day so much.

Just one word: CRACK.

Crack, people. Write it.

I mean, Gerard Way already said which Care Bear HE'D be, right? See around 4:30, though the whole interview is happiness and best friend-ness. (The one with the RAINCLOUD on its tummy, and Frankie totally knows everything.)

My cutest gay boytoy is getting the shirt. It's like the heavens aligned because this shirt is perfect for him. He IS that gay. Oh, life, you are good to me sometimes.


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