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( Aug. 14th, 2005 02:16 am)
I can't believe I'm posting in this journal after so long away from feeling creative. School did a pretty intense brain drain on me this year and it's taken me this long to recover... And ahhhh! I can't believe it's been a year since I've translated more Koori or even thought of writing. But I've been going through old story files and reading the snippets and one--one! I'm really excited about! I'm not the most prolific of writers... (SNORT) but I have a really good feeling that I'll be able to work on this long term instead of losing faith in my abilities to continue. :knock on wood:

And I'll have to re-read Koori to get a sense of the timeline! Which will probably lead to translating! Especially since I have working non-stupid word processor(s!!) at my disposal! And this nifty note-taker, EverNote. ...All these exclamation marks help me to emote, all right?

I am giddy. Yayy! No more brain drain! I've just been sucking up fanfic for the past year, too dead-eyed and blank to do anything more, it feels like. But good fiction makes everyone happy. =)

I'm probably going to be needing to solicit people to hold my hand occasionally talk to about the fic writing process/Koori. o.0 It feels like I've been a hermit for the past year and all my fannish type people moved away. Strive!

So mostly in the spirit of, "Hey! Let's get this fucking done, shall we?!", cut below for a snippet. And yes, it is my crackbaby fic. :cuddles it:

the cut )


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