I'm reading Cinderella Boy, that one-off by Sugiura, and it strikes me: this mangaka has a serious fetish for boys in glasses. Kasumi has glasses, Ishuca has glasses, now Chigusa has glasses; clear mention and focus is on them wearing glasses and then taking them off: the vulnerability and the surrender of self that implies.... I think Sugiura is reaaaaally into that. --And don't you know it's going to happen in Silver Diamond where Rakan reaches forward and tenderly takes off Chigusa's glasses and all Chigusa can do is stare back, rapt and wide-eyed for a second before his brain kicks into overdrive? 

Chigusa doesn't ask for glasses because he like to see blurry--Sugiura Shiho simply wants Rakan to tug them off and give Chigusa a surprise kiss, chaste, soft on the lips that makes Chigusa suck in a breath from shock before recovering--and because he's a self-confessed bastard, he won't ask Rakan if he's sure, he'd just pull Rakan down onto the ground with him and....

get interrupted by Kou and Narushige. But that'd be pretty hot, too: Narushige coming upon this scene, and that frozen instant where the pair on the floor look up to see Narushige's hooded gaze, and Chigusa's undoubtedly challenging smirk that says, "What are you gonna do next?"....

Rakan would either be very very embarrased or very very drugged.

OMG alien sex pollen!!1

I think I am a very big proponent of these three getting together. The fuck with that "choosing" bullshit: *real* men *share.* :grin:

(And appropriately bound!Clark for this post, haha.... :run away:)


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