Someone gave me a plain vial of perfume, which I never tried because I had no idea what it would smell like. Fast forward about half a year later uh, more like a year and a half later, and it turns out it was Rahat Loukoum by Serge Lutens, and it smells like I want to eat myself. Uhm.

Inspired by turkish delights, it's described as "An Oriental fragrance blending white almond, crushed cherry pips, white honey, musk and vanilla"--if by Oriental you mean a blast of boozy maraschino cherries that dries down to a suggestion of cherry rose-flavored turkish delights drizzled with a light honeyed glaze and patted with powdered sugar. It's not heavy at all: the airy sweet notes is cut by a whisper of dry incense smoke. It turns from whoa--fruity fun yum! to actually kind of sophisticated for something that started out so sweet. I keep sniffing myself and feeling snuggly.

Now. Only a few minor (TEENY) reasons stand in the way of my getting more. They are as follows:

It's only available at a particular boutique.

In Paris. France.

And apparently costs approximately 160.00 per ounce.


Thanks to whoever gave me my sample! I'll be wearing the rest of it with great delight.

I read somewhere (not very credible) that women in the harem ate turkish delights to keep themselves deliciously plump and pretty. The scent makes me think of one of the chambers in those quarters as filmed in a movie, the light scent of sweets and sugar mingling with the smoke in the air. Scent stories are the best.
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( Jun. 24th, 2008 05:03 pm)
All my perfumes are smelling sweet and lovely on me--but I'm positively disgusted by the fact that the only thing that's changed is my diet, which has been indulgently horrific the past couple days: pizza, ice cream, chips, diet soda, roux-flavored garlic butter pasta. And frozen veggies, corn with mayo and chili powder, mhmm. Or nothing at all. Uhh, yeah. On the one hand, it's exciting because I usually never eat like this, and eating all this grease and cheese is a lot of fun. (And I love eating, so that's no hardship.) On the other hand, I need this much fat and cholesterol in my system for my scents to be rich and sweet and full? Really? >:/

I've been wearing the following two a lot:
Nocturne Alchemy's Cobra Venom: Egyptian White Carnation, Egyptian Vanilla Bean, Egyptian Amber Musk, Warm Patchouli and Spun Egyptian Snake Sugar.

It goes on like acetone and plasticized motor oil with a slap of sugared patchouli, and at some point smells exactly like Dior's Midnight Poison. (Not the dirty, hippy patchouli. This is cleaner, but packs a really big punch, nonetheless.) It usually dries down to a mature, earthy, sugared carnation backed by vanilla and resins. Now, it dries down completely soft and pretty, pink, sugary vanilla musk. *snuggle*

Cobalt Blends' Love Letters on Fire: Yes. No. Yes. Vanilla. Smoke. Honey.
This is a really cool blend in that the smoke REALLY smells like smoke. And the honey is like candied honeycomb varieties, and the vanilla gives a little oomph to everything. Usually, this dries down mostly smoke on me, more club-sexy than comfort but the pizza grease in my system (SEXY!) has really amped the sweetness of the honey and vanilla so that I can actually pick it out, and the scent is only tinged with smoke. The result is really warm, sweet, cuddly-sexy. Mhmm, delicious.

Can't I just KEEP this skin chemistry? PLEASE? But not this diet, because usually, the amount of grease I've been eating makes me sick and it's the only thing between me and 20 lbs overweight. :( 


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