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( Jun. 10th, 2008 07:24 am)

So. I am procrastinating studying for a final exam that's coming up in a few hours when lo and behold on my flist, a strange word keeps popping up. Apparently there is thing called..."bandflesh." I have no idea what this is. I would investigate further, but there is further procrastinating and retail therapy-ing to be accomplished.

In that vein:

Violette Market is a bath/body/perfume etailer going out of business. She is having a 50% off sale. It is amazing. I've heard very good things about her Cream Wash and her lotion.

Archetype Cosmetics has a ton of really fun mineral pigment, which you can use as eyeshadow, nail color, lip color, whatever (in the vein of Mac pigments). Samples are .25 cents each. Samples last approximately 1328129128 uses. Right now, I'm obsessed with one of the etailer's lip glosses, Recycled Virgin. <3

Aromaleigh has this gray-green, sparkly finishing powder called Metamorphosis that I really like, because hello: Sparkly (but not SPARKLY). And it also makes you look weirdly airbrushed and perfect. Spooky.

Perhaps my subconscious is telling me it wants to get dressed up and go out. Perhaps it's telling me it wants a SHOWER, much less paint on my face. But in any case, fun companies, fun products. I'm a huge fan of niche, small-time etailers because they usually have top-notch products for a steal.



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