Totally Bewildered In Love Mix

1. The Pierces - Boring (3:28)
2. Psapp - About Fun (3:41) 
3. Radiohead - Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (4:00)
4. The Wannadies - Bumble Bee Boy (2:56)
5. Psapp - Rear Moth (3:56)
6. Imogen Heap - The Walk (5:14)
7. The Unicorns - Ready To Die (1:43)
8. Placebo - English Summer Rain (4:01)
9. Garbage - A Stroke Of Luck (4:45)
10. The Wannadies - Happy (3:42)
11. Psapp - Hi (3:54)
12. Fiona Apple - Red Red Red (4:08)
13. Poe - Hey Pretty (3:45) 

              13 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:47
               Playlist length: 49 minutes 30 seconds

[download mix]
mediafire | zip | 70.8 mb

The Ice-Cold Demon's Tale, aka Koori/Kohri no Mamono no Monogatari is a manga by Shiho Sugiura. Music is for sampling purposes only, etc. And I highly encourage starting this series, as it's excellent. Favorite. [List of resources including a link to Amparo Bertram's excellent summaries by the intrepid [ profile] sara_tanaquil. Loss of nuance of course, but the summaries are better than the scanlations floating around out there. *cough*]

This mix covers Blood and Ishuca's first meeting. You know, in the cave, and Blood is trapped in a wall of ice and has human bones littering the ground like sugar skulls because he keeps killing people (with his hair!) to see if he can make them cry? And then Ishuca traipses in and ruins Blood's life as a badass demon forever? Yeah. Also, a manga in which friendliness is expressed by one main character (Ishuca) inviting his love interest (Blood) to a friendly bout of cannibalism on his person if Blood should get hungry. <3

Nostalgia: I went back to check out my own translations to the manga, and I was kind of shocked to see it was dated 2001. You know, when translations were the closest people could get to the manga a lot of times. Lean times. (Also, the translations are housed on a crappy Geocities website, pre-LJ fandom.) This was also my introduction to slash/yaoi/BL and I didn't even know it. I, uh. thought they were very good friends. Who kissed a lot. *bites lip* This has to somehow be a precurser for my being in bandom now.  

Tracklist + selected lyrics )

Mixes coming up in the next weeks:
- like an addict // friends and enemies and dolls
- running up that hill (love addict's sanity deterioration mix)
- beautiful LIE IN BED of our dark house
- extraordinary machine



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