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( May. 29th, 2008 11:30 pm)

Someone on my flist linked to this game, Monsters' Den, so I went to check it out...and this happened:

It was like THE BEST CRACK EVER. )

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( Feb. 21st, 2008 12:53 am)
Mikeyway, ladies and gentlemen:

I: I would think at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere you'd be especially noticeable. Do you ever worry you'll be mistaken for real band kids and get picked on by high school jocks?

MW: I get mistaken sometimes for someone who looks like they want to be in my band. That's the funniest thing. Like, "You look like someone who wants to be in one of those bands." It happened to me once, I was visiting a friend of mine who worked in a mall, and this guy in the store went back to tell him, "Someone else is here to see you. He looks like he jumped out of a My Chemical Romance video." I'm like, "I'm IN My f---ing Chemical Romance!" And he was like, "Oh, sh-t, I'm so sorry." I'm like, I don't even care if you like my band. It's the last thing on my mind.

<333 How much love for this stupid bunch of random boys. They have the best stories. From buzznet. I love new-to-me info.
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( Jan. 28th, 2008 10:41 pm)
I really hate being a sourpuss, so I found some amusements that made me happy, other than the fat wriggling puppy and the cat, and besides the baby beluga whale blowing bubbles at a human baby on the other side of the glass wall:

I used to really be into darkwave bands like Switchblade Symphony until I got very Frou Frou and indie synthpop, but I recently came across a video by Collide. They have an interesting aesthetic of industrial and ethereal, with some unique vocals provided by kaRIN--almost, hm, New Age-y with a middle eastern twist? But this, THIS is a gem. It's a music video to a cover of Son of a Preacher Man and I honestly didn't recognize it until the chorus hit. It's an interesting say the least.

What is also pure gold is that I strongly suspect that Pete Wentz and the Panic boys would approve of the music video, what with all the people in furry animal costumes declaring war on the religious cowboys and the indecently excited man of cloth figure figured prominently in juxtoposition with a writhing lady in a cell slowly flooding with water--though that last part's all Gerard.

Speaking of, there is an amazing cover of Son of a Preacher Man by Cam Clarke. What's special about this is--well, can anyone say "gender reversal"? Sung by a guy, with the original lyrics with original gender intact. It's really sweet.

I'm actually embedding this vid of Gerard and Ray working on To The End because I love it so much. Ray is adorkable. Like, truly sweet and shy and. Adorkable. I love "behind the scenes" stuff where you get a glimpse of the creative process and the people behind the celebrity...although usually, the last, not so much. My Chem is an exception because they usually keep it so business. But. They're dorks! Being all good friends! Just. GUHH sweet. Basically the same feeling as when I saw the baby beluga whale blowing bubbles at me.

So if the next MCR album is going to be sea shanty-themed like Gerard promised, and if the entire concept band spontaneously turned from a French marching parade into drunken Irish pirates, the music would sound a little like this, I think. Big magic boats sailing across the waves!

We're seven drunken pirates
We're the seven deadly sins

So what became of rebels who sang for you and me? )

ETA: If the last album was inspired by Little Orphan Annie, this is more Mary Poppins. *g*

Yayyy pirates! I hear that's "in" right now.

It would make the emos cry. (What's the song equivalent of intentional badfic?)

In other news, I signed up for [ profile] bandombigbang, so. We'll see how that goes.
...who don't understand my love for media in all its sundry (sultry, dirty) forms.

Do you not have enough time to waste online that you want add another person's sn to your AIM chat list? Well, mine is up for grabs! *g*

Honestly, this is my first foray into participating in a real fandom, and I don't know (m)any(?) people, so I figured I'd start with an open invite.

I'd love to chat about fiction, writing, editing, sparkly boys in bandom, tv shows, manga, whathaveyou.... Shoot me an IM at cinderfalling and/or leave a comment. (Hopefully, this means I'll start using AIM more than a couple times a...year.)

Well, and ETA because as long as I'm posting!:

Why did no one on my friends-list post this interview with Gerard and Bon Jovi?

The one where Gerard acts like a thirteen-year-old GIRL with a BIG FAT CRUSH, all shy smiling and ducking his head and playing with his hair when Bon Jovi compliments his band and laughs! at *his* jokes! The amount of girliness and adorableness is beyond words and I had to find it ON MY OWN.

Gerard makes huge hand gestures! And plays with his hair! (I mentioned that, but it bears repeating.) And talks like he's on a first date with the coolest boy in school! Jersey accents! And he's wearing the rainbow unicorn shirt!

Well, and uhm. Okay. I have to admit I made (teeny!) screencaps when I first watched (but teeny ones! Youtube-sized!) of Gerard's uber-ultimate cute girliness. And uhm. May have uploaded them to post to the internet for posterity.

...I don't really have an excuse for this one except that sparkly, girly, basement-dwelling cult leaders on dates with their schoolyard rockstar crushes interest me. )
This is shitty, and yeah, so I upload songs that amuse me GREATLY. Bandom, why are you so sparkly and happy?

SO. This is a post of silliness and music, because I found some gems the other day. And by gems, I mean GEMS I FIND INFINITELY AMUSING and while I hope you, do, too and we can share one weird sense of humor, universe (but I think we already do).

AUs! I love AUs!:

Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork?
by Chiodos

It's llike My Chemical Romance with some cabaret Panic! at the Disco-esque flourish (and a little Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's random emo poetry/screamo background), where a young Gerard sings a little like Brendan Urie but with his usual emotive vocal athletics and crunchy guitar in the back. (But the singer--and the band, actually reminds me a lot of My Chemical Romance, just--younger sounding. Mhmm, jailbait.)

Lexington. (Joey Pea-Pot With A Monkey Face)
by Chiodos
MCR's "I don't love you"-like lyrics with some head-bobbing horns and dramatic!piano & strings that remind me of a song off FOB's Infinity album, and an insinuation that this band is also into show tunes.

AND, OH. OH. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is BAD PETE/PATRICK FANFIC.

The're like, Fall Out Boy--the badfic versions of themselves. In SONG FORM.

They sound *exactly* like early Fall Out Boy--well, except crappier, around/right before From Under the Corked Tree, but with ADDED BAD GAY maded especially for Pete/Patrick with lyrics like:

The moon is shining bright
The mood is feeling right
I'll kiss you on your neck
People will stare but we won't care

Damn Regret on Mediafire

Oh, and Pete's angst as Patrick tries to persuade him that Pete doesn't *really* love him like *that,* because Patrick is lovably obtuse that way?
lyric snippet! Damn regret / I'll try to forget.... )


Oh! And soundtrack to ANGST fic!: Cat and Mouse on Mediafire

Like...Patrick has cancer! But he can't let Pete know because it'll ruin the band! And he doesn't go to chemo and he gets sick and needs radiation and maybe he gets MORE issues about his hair and this is what Pete says to him at the climactic moment!:

We made plans to grow old, believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told.
Am I supposed to be happy?  )


It's every single earnest, so fucking TRU it HURTS stories you've ever read by the time youo're 13, except it's somehow both better AND worse to hear "Pete" singing at you that:
This doesn't change the way i feel about you or your place in my life. (please don't cry)
Cant you see I'm dying here a shot of broken heart that is chased with fear?
Angels cry when stars collide I can't eat and I can't breathe I wouldn't want it any other way.

(There are song breaks, but I feel that there is extra badfic Pete if I left it smushed together like that.)


And one more under cut, gen. )

Aaand, I think I'm officially delirious with sleep deprivation again. Nap time.


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