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( Jan. 28th, 2008 10:41 pm)
I really hate being a sourpuss, so I found some amusements that made me happy, other than the fat wriggling puppy and the cat, and besides the baby beluga whale blowing bubbles at a human baby on the other side of the glass wall:

I used to really be into darkwave bands like Switchblade Symphony until I got very Frou Frou and indie synthpop, but I recently came across a video by Collide. They have an interesting aesthetic of industrial and ethereal, with some unique vocals provided by kaRIN--almost, hm, New Age-y with a middle eastern twist? But this, THIS is a gem. It's a music video to a cover of Son of a Preacher Man and I honestly didn't recognize it until the chorus hit. It's an interesting say the least.

What is also pure gold is that I strongly suspect that Pete Wentz and the Panic boys would approve of the music video, what with all the people in furry animal costumes declaring war on the religious cowboys and the indecently excited man of cloth figure figured prominently in juxtoposition with a writhing lady in a cell slowly flooding with water--though that last part's all Gerard.

Speaking of, there is an amazing cover of Son of a Preacher Man by Cam Clarke. What's special about this is--well, can anyone say "gender reversal"? Sung by a guy, with the original lyrics with original gender intact. It's really sweet.

I'm actually embedding this vid of Gerard and Ray working on To The End because I love it so much. Ray is adorkable. Like, truly sweet and shy and. Adorkable. I love "behind the scenes" stuff where you get a glimpse of the creative process and the people behind the celebrity...although usually, the last, not so much. My Chem is an exception because they usually keep it so business. But. They're dorks! Being all good friends! Just. GUHH sweet. Basically the same feeling as when I saw the baby beluga whale blowing bubbles at me.



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