Beeeeta. I am beeeeeta'ing a story. Well, copy-editing for the most part: a bigbang story by [ profile] jezrana. It is awesome! ...just very, very long! My concentration, she suffers, trying to find ze lost commas and wayward prepositions. On page...29 38 43 of 127.

So here you go, internet: a completely unasked for original story! Well, part of it. The rest of it is on my hard drive and uh. in my brain. Wasn't planning on really posting it, but why have it languishing? I'll just get more and more OCD because I'm a compulsive editor, so hopefully this'll just get me to focus on the next parts.

(In the process, I have learned much about formatting from Word to LJ. *brainhurt*)

Seriously, if anyone knows a good way to transfer from Word to LJ/Semagic, let me know. This is such a pain the ass.

And hey, if you care to read--thanks! Am not honestly expecting anyone to, but feedback & constructive criticism much welcomed. You will not fatally wound my ego, only bruise it delightfully.

How to Fall Off Tightropes
by cinderfallen 
PG-13 | original | het/slash | 3,000 words
Summary: Some people have elaborate Russian nesting doll collections. Others amass an alarming amount of poisoned antique bobby pins. Christopher thinks he has a freakish knack for collecting freaks.

Part 1 )


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