...okay, WTF.

I wrote about eyeliner the other day, and I did not expect it to repulse me so much. EYELINER. *madface*

K-Palette's liner was rebranded for Canada as Geisha Ink, which I found to be a pretty crass decision, but okay, it's not like I have to buy it:

But I was browsing some Google hits and found this article with accompanying official press release, which the writer marvels at: "And how often does a beauty product have an entire story behind it?"

And what's the story, you ask?

At a very young age, Katsumi was sent to apprentice to be a Geisha to the city famous for its Geisha arts, Kyoto. As a young girl, Katsumi would often hide and listens to the conversations between the older Geishas and the businessmen they entertained. Nothing fascinated Katsumi more than the stories these older Geishas shared of the western world. In her mind, she yearned for the day when she would be free to experience it herself.

The combination of the art and this charming "backstory".... Just. Okay. WOW.


Seriously. KILL.

From: [identity profile] lebateleur.livejournal.com

Yeah, to say nothing of the fact that geisha do not get tattoos, MOBSTERS GET TATTOOS.

So you've got historical inaccuracy on top of your classic Said-style Orientalism.

From: [identity profile] provetheworst.livejournal.com

i would read a story about a mobster geisha

edit: i think this is along the same lines as if i said "i would read a story about a pirate as us president" but i do not care it would still be bad-ass and has nothing to do with the bizarre racism/orientalism/whateverism you have going on here

From: [identity profile] fragilistikal.livejournal.com

...I totally know a manga along those lines but fuck if I can remember the title. Not really a geisha (more real prostitute) and more gangster attitude than real mobster? But yeah.

If you want a mobster math teacher, you should totally read Gokusen. :D

And these people are dumbfucks.

From: [identity profile] provetheworst.livejournal.com

I want a geisha with ties to the yakuza, I don't even know how, her sekrit boyfriend or something, WHATEVER, she could KILL PEOPLE FOR LOVE i literally have no idea it would just rule

From: [identity profile] fragilistikal.livejournal.com

And prostitutes. No?


That's the other thing that pissed me off.


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