I think one of the most exquisite taste in the whole wide world is sweet coffee. I still remember how that taste hit my mouth when I tried coffee ice cream for the first time--like, I was probably around 6? And when Starbucks frappaccinos first came out--oh, God. Liquid coffee ice cream. Yes, it has been a long and true love affair.

My friend taught me how to make cold coffee one summer with just instant, and now, I will never crave premium candy bar coffee again. I'm drinking it now because I can add more coffee to a cup, and I need the caffeine to stay up tonight. Airport countdown t-minus 2.5 hours and I still need to pack.

instant cold coffee:
Add desired amount of instant coffee + sugar--probably 1.5x more than you'd put in regularly. (It's better to add too much coffee in the beginning than too little because you can add more milk/sugar later; weak coffee, on the other hand, should be taken out the back and shot.) Heat water. The trick is to heat it not to boiling, but just enough to dissolve the mixture. Add a very small amount of the hot water so you make a coffee sludge that would scare the bejeezus out of anyone in the vicinity. Keyword: sludge. If it's any more liquid than that, then you've added too much water. Top up with milk. It'll be cold enough to drink it straight if you got it right.
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