Who wants to try perfume?

I like the online perfume oil companies like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Love Potions Perfumerie, Cobalt Blends, etc., and I have a lot of samples. If anyone's interested in trying stuff, tell me what you want to smell like (floral? foody-dessert? girl next door? vampy sexy? like a gardener?) and I'll see what I have. I'll take the first couple people/what I can accomodate.

Why I like perfume: You know those people into wine or coffee and they describe "blackberry" notes or some such and such? I realized I could do the same thing with perfume, which always just smelled like...perfume. It's an interactive, ongoing process, because scent preferences change and evolve, and so do you, yourself: hormones, age, diet, etc., all have an effect on skin chemistry and how the perfume blooms on your skin. It's also fun to guinea pig your friends and compare the same scent on two people. Sometimes, it's pretty amazing how different the same notes will manifest on different people.

Boutique perfumeries like BPAL are also fun because they're also unconventional and do "concept" perfumes a lot, from the Seven Deadly Sins to Alice in Wonderland to...going on into infinity (and they're coming out with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett-inspired stuff, officially approved, even)--and so it's also like a scent story that reveals itself on my skin.

Bonus: I like smelling stuff. I used to live in fear of Bath and Body Works sales.
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