Who wants to try perfume?

I like the online perfume oil companies like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Love Potions Perfumerie, Cobalt Blends, etc., and I have a lot of samples. If anyone's interested in trying stuff, tell me what you want to smell like (floral? foody-dessert? girl next door? vampy sexy? like a gardener?) and I'll see what I have. I'll take the first couple people/what I can accomodate.

Why I like perfume: You know those people into wine or coffee and they describe "blackberry" notes or some such and such? I realized I could do the same thing with perfume, which always just smelled like...perfume. It's an interactive, ongoing process, because scent preferences change and evolve, and so do you, yourself: hormones, age, diet, etc., all have an effect on skin chemistry and how the perfume blooms on your skin. It's also fun to guinea pig your friends and compare the same scent on two people. Sometimes, it's pretty amazing how different the same notes will manifest on different people.

Boutique perfumeries like BPAL are also fun because they're also unconventional and do "concept" perfumes a lot, from the Seven Deadly Sins to Alice in Wonderland to...going on into infinity (and they're coming out with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett-inspired stuff, officially approved, even)--and so it's also like a scent story that reveals itself on my skin.

Bonus: I like smelling stuff. I used to live in fear of Bath and Body Works sales.

From: [identity profile] lazenby.livejournal.com

I don't even do perfume, but now I want to buy all of the Neil Gaiman stuff. Particularly the ones based off of Stardust. :( Why so much money?

From: [identity profile] fragilistikal.livejournal.com

Heheh, you could try the BPAL forum and buy decanted samples off the members.... Just sayin'. ;)

I love Yvaine to pieces, which is really and truly a clear night sky scent once the lavender burns off. Actually, I know I have a bit of that...somewhere, along with an empty sample of Lady Una. Interested? I'll let you know if I can find it.

From: [identity profile] lazenby.livejournal.com

Sure, that'd be great! I've been looking into finding some kind of perfume to start wearing, and I love Neil Gaiman and now this is kind of all I can think about.

From: [identity profile] stungunbilly.livejournal.com

I love BPAL!

Currently my favorite sample is Dragon's Milk, which is so awesome after I wear it for an hour or so that I must look like a self-sniffing freak.

But hey, do you know of any really nice cherry-based scents? I used to have this fantastic cherry oil but could never find it again.

ETA: re-reading your post, I realize that I loved what you said about your reactions to scent. It triggers me in a good way; I'm very scent-aware, and it's odd how few folks I meet seem to smell everything I do. I kind of want to read slash stories based largely on scent, now.

Also, are LPP or CB as good as BPAL?

From: [identity profile] fragilistikal.livejournal.com

Oooh, yay BPAL fan! I found them late 2004 and somehow just never really left. :D And I didn't like Dragon's Milk that much until I had my sample for a couple years--and then I was like, WHOA BABY. Smells a lot like what LUSH offers, I think.

Cherry... I think there was an astrology limited edition that featured black cherry as a main note (Libra? Virgo?) but the most cherry I've found in the catalog is The Red Queen, which is awesome, awesome, awesome if you can also handle the "lacquered wood" that comes with it. It's a really smooth, burnished wood smell with that zing from cherry juice. <3

And it sounds like you've got a great nose. What kind of stuff do you notice? Personally, I don't think I'm much better than average, but I do love sniffing things. But I can't wear perfume daily because I form intense scent-associations, and I also have trouble constantly smelling perfume on myself. (Being congested weirdly makes me enjoy perfume a lot more.)

And oh! speaking of slash... You read Merlin right? Pavlov Penis by derryere (http://derryere.livejournal.com/108760.html). :D

Well, quality-wise and aesthetic-wise, I love CB I Hate Perfume. Christopher Brosius is a.ma.zing.

LP is very kitsch and camp, but they do come out with good stuff that feature quality resins. They, along with Cobalt Blends have a definite preference for certain notes (I have an ongoing love affair with CB's smoke note) and don't take as many risks as BPAL does, but it also means that if you like them, you'll continue liking what they come up with. They smell like the less complex scents in BPAL's catalog. Short answer, yes, I think they're as good as BPAL.

...uh. Sorry for the tl;dr comment. I like smelly things.

From: [identity profile] stungunbilly.livejournal.com

Thanks for the recs! Both for stories and for perfume; I'm definitely going to order the Red Queen now. Fear not the teal deer, I get so happy about talking scents.

I have no idea if I my nose is unusually good or anything, but I do seem to smell things before my friends. I can pretty much always tell when food is fresh or ripe by the smell, and I can taste what water has been kept in. It's sometimes not so awesome; there are a lot of homeless people in my area, and there are places I won't walk because I can't handle the smell.

Walking in the forest is always a treat, because there are so many mysterious scents. Makes me wish I had a magic decoder ring that told me what the scents meant.

Most perfume smells chemical to me, weirdly. But the BPAL stuff is amazing. I can't wait to spend too much money there again.<3



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