The Antique Bakery movie looks adorable but I love their making-of video! Have the rough tranlation.

The intro starts with them dying because of their schedule, which goes Training, then shooting, then training... Nonstop, hectic, and then Chikage goes, "I'm dying."

French scene, initial text:
While waiting for my French lover, Jean....

Tutor: They'd never taken French before which worried me...
Tachibana?: This is what I can't get.
            But... But I don't even get what just changed?!

Tutor: Their learning styles are different. [Ono]'s style is a little, he's very careful going about it, so the progress is very smooth, but [gestures at Tachibana] BAM! He just tosses himself at it.

text: [Ono], who's probably working even harder because of his argument scene with a French actor.

Tutor: I think everything's going well and that everything's sticking.... And now, even if you look at the movement of their lips, you can see the French accent!

step 2: Patissier training

[Ono] on his way to becoming a prodigy patissier....
Spilling all the batter...

Now, it's just a matter of...
*rolling* the cake onto the plates?!

These people's debuts are worrying us....

Hard at work this time, too...
When [Tachibana] casually grabs the pastery out of [Ono's] hand to get a taste.
Tachibana: It's good.
Ono: It's good?!
Tachibana: It was killer.
Looks like it really was good!
Ono: Uh-huh. It's not too rich. The flavor's just right. (Am I really a prodigy?)

This time, for the prodigy boxer!
Hard at work at physical training, [Eiji]

Eiji: Because Eiji's supposed to be a prodigy boxer, it's been fun getting to hit other people more (than getting hit myself).
It was really fun, and I think I'll take up boxing sometime.

step 4: Dance training
For the sake of an impressive dance scene, everyone CHA CHA CHA!

The bumbling Chikage is unsurprisingly all left-feet.
Tachibana: Do it right, will you?  (Look at me.)
Chikage: !!

Ending: It's opening soon, it'll be a good movie, etc.

Tachibana: Everyone, please come visit us. This goes especially for the ladies--enjoy yourselves at our shop.

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