Heads up for anyone into girly-girl makeup: my favorite beauty item EVER. The entire store is on sale for 25% off, so I figured I'd gush. (Code: friday25)

This grayish-green powder stuff with the stupid name is amazing. Okay, so its full name is You're a Doll! Finishing Powder in Metamorphosis. ...yeah. It has a stupid product description and it seems like fairly useless glitter/sparkle powder for tween princesses. Except it's not. It's like...photoshop in a jar. Or something.

I've been using Metamorphosis for about a year and I am still surprised that it is my favorite. I used to wear it over foundation/powder and there was this indefinable something that made me look better, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Today, I tried it on with a freshly washed face and was like--why didn't I try this sooner? Admittedly, I have pretty good skin, so this just helped me figure out just how this worked for me: It makes my face look airbrushed, with or without foundation.

Almost but not really an exaggeration.

Maybe the fact that it's very slightly tinted green has to do with it, but the powder evens out my complexion. My face looks softer and more matte, for the most part except where Metamorphosis gives a glow to my face--not shiny glittery, but the soft-focus, almost supernatural glow that Meredith on Grey's Anatomy.

I think I'm going to start wearing this on a daily basis. It's an easy step that required about 30 seconds, which I can spare.

Metamorphosis also works well as a highlighter--dusted on top of cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin. And in a pinch for eyes when I need a sheer, light white/highlighter shade.

FYI, the lightest, lightest layer will do the trick. (Fiber optic brushes are good.)

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From our You're a Doll! Spring 2007: Elegant Gothic Lolita Collection

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

But I could use some photoshop in a jar.

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I KNOW RIGHT. It's got to be the dumbest product name to pimp publically. And yet I am here doing it. *g*

But it's really affordable to try, so I figured why not? Even the full size is only 15.00 regular price, and I figure people can try samples if they're really curious. (I think samples get free shipping?)


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so, I am way late with this, BUT I LOVE THIS STUFF. you are a godsend.

From: [identity profile] 1001cranes.livejournal.com

seriously. I love the eyeshadows, I LOVE the cover powder, I love the you're a doll! finishing powder and the greenish one that takes away redness? Godsend. Seriously.

The only downside is that I told my mother about them over break, and she stole some of my eyeshadows, lol.


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