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( Jan. 18th, 2009 02:57 pm)
So. I'm totally and completely in BPAL perfume fandom, right? And I also happen to follow Supernatural because surprisingly, it turned out to be a good show despite my uber-cynicalness in the days proceeding my Smallville burnout. (I only watched for the Hoyay.) But this person's icon really entertains me:


Because the notes for the scent (which really is called Hellhound On My Trail) are so perfect:
Bay rum, bourbon vanilla, galangal, hyssop, High John the Conqueror root, tobacco, life everlasting, and brimstone.

Booze and brimstone, baby. And some of Sam's Latin mumbo jumbo spell components. Fangirls can burn this scent whenever we watch Dean cry his pretty man-tears.

(Reviews for the scent here.)


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