I just finished watching the first two episodes of Boys Over Flowers, or 꽃보다 남자, the Kdrama for Hana Yori Dango and it's not bad. It's not up to the quality of Coffee Prince, and the acting isn't as subtle and sophisticated; it's kind of campy in parts, and there are definitely some cheesy shots, but overall I do like it, and better than the Jdrama. I feel like the characters interact with each other and the world they inhabit in a more natural way, for one. Less stiff overall and a lot more passion.

The casting is better, too, especially for Tsukushi. She and her family kind of remind me of barking Chihuahas or other small species of dog, but the tenacious, spitfire fierceness and middle class values are there. Oh, for sure, definitely there. And when Makino knocks Domyouji out, she KNOCKS HIM OUT--nothing like the wimpy one-two hop and punch the Jdrama featured. I also like that she's really not that pretty. She's cute, sure, but there is a definite plainess of face compared to everyone else in the show--especially Shizuka.

Hanazawa Rui is also quite good--even if his hair is quite unfortunate, especially in some shots. (Seriously, bleach and big hair and small face is no good. NO GOOD.) I knew the actor pretty much IS Hanazawa Rui in real life, so it didn't really worry me. (Watch We Got Married!: HwangBo on Youtube if you're curious. *snerk*)

The casting for Domyouji is interesting. They made him into a very big, physical character, with the features to match, which in a way fits the character quite well. It took me a little while to get used to and tentatively accept, but it was pretty genius of the production company to take advantage of his size and have shots of him punting people across the field when he plays rugby--spot-on. But they also toned down his sociopathic tendencies, which--I gotta be honest, I really miss. He's no longer on the brink of losing his shit into a white-out haze, which is why I really came to respect Makino for standing up to him. He's no longer a vicious dog tamed, but a couple steps up: more emotionally immature kid from the start. And he is another example of unfortunate hair: permed. :( Sad 70s helmet hair. 

Also, Shizuka is GORGEOUS. Also, Makino's name in the Korean version directly translates to Gold Grass/Lawn. It's a really not-cool name and I feel for her. Also, I have no idea what the Korean names for characters are. Oh well, it's not like it matters.

The Antique Bakery movie looks adorable but I love their making-of video! Have the rough translation! )



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